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For convicts listed in the police gazette, typical information would include the name of the convict, any alias names (very useful for genealogists tracing ancestors who used different names), age at conviction, details on the crime committed, sentence, year of birth, physical characteristics and the date of trial.

If you had an ancestor in New Zealand who was on either side of the law, then this might be an interesting collection to search.

Of course, the problem with these early electoral registers is that they only included rich individuals (and not many women).

This image is from our article Searching Electoral Rolls for Ancestors.

Basically, these are highly detailed maps by parish showing the individual plots of each landowner. The landowner was responsible for making a tithe payment of one tenth of the produce from the land.

This is an early (1832) English electoral register.

This electoral register predates the first English census of 1841.

These official government records go back as far as 1837.

The website currently has some 266.4 million records. It typically gets more than 150,000 search queries a day. The records can be searched by first name, last name, date range, county, district and spouses name.

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