Christopher titus currently dating

This lighthearted show details all of Titus’ biggest screw-ups, including a hilarious story about his first job as Darth Vader for children’s birthday parties.

“Angry Pursuit of Happiness,” which premiered on Comedy Central in 2015, is Titus at his best, and he leaves no stone unturned in his relentless pursuit for the true meaning of life.

In retrospect, Christopher Titus said that the ratings were always solid but he would prefer it be canceled for how controversial it was rather than being a failure.

He later admitted (and explained in detail during his "The Voice In My Head" special) that he antagonized the during a season three meeting, which he calls his greatest regret being as simple as Not Good with People.

In 2013, Titus formed his own production company, Combustion World Industries, and produced his two most recent comedy specials, “Voice In My Head” and “Angry Pursuit of Happiness.” His first film production will be “Special Unit,” which is about four disabled detectives.

Titus describes it as “The Shield with handicapped people” and is planning for film production in October 2015.

It also allowed a Jump Cut to a Flashback or Imagine Spot when needed.“Love Is Evol,” Titus’ third one-man show, deconstructs relationships in a way no comic has ever attempted.Titus wades into domestic violence, plastic surgery, custody and all aspects of the nightmare relationships that made him question the existence of God.itself is closely based on Titus' own life, such as having an alcoholic, five-times-divorced, patronizing, yet caring father; a violent, manic-depressive-schizophrenic mother; and himself having once fallen into a bonfire while drunk.Titus talked to the audience from a black-and-white room referred to by fans as the "Neutral Space." (It was never verified exactly what that room represented: his stream of consciousness, his thoughts during a therapy session, or a realm where he can literally break the fourth wall and talk to the audience?

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