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Just telling a random story isn’t enough when you want to hook , the Heath brothers talk about 3 story plots that are stickiest and most memorable: 1.The Challenge Plot: A story of the underdog, rags to riches or sheer willpower triumphing over adversity 2.The whole page is consistent with the plot, and the story doesn’t fail to motivate and persuade.Would-be underdogs, Less Accounting consistently tells the story of “sucking less than other accounting software” (i.e., less than the big, bloated leaders)… Research shows that people who feel they share a secret feel much closer (even attracted) to the other person.These hooks – all scientifically proven to trigger emotional responses – have the potential to convert a casual visitor into a life-long enthusiast… Researchers tested the DTR technique by selling note cards for a local charity. Then, while your visitor’s brain is processing this disruption, out comes the reframe!

Labels turn into self-fulfilling prophecies for most people.Harley Davidson uses the DTR technique really well for their pre-owned Harley messaging: This isn’t anywhere near as complicated as its name suggests.It’s simply what we conversationally call “reverse psychology”, and it’s been an effective model to promote behavior-change for years.See how this works in a similar message, with positive framing, this time from Save the Children: Check your own messages.Are you highlighting the behavior you want people to have…

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