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I'd probably prefer GPS instead of Wi-Fi, but I'm sure I'll learn to value the latter. I upgraded from 70D and this camera is worth the upgrade. From minor things such as on screen level to more pro features and settings all around. Last and surely not the lest, the low light capability of this camera is outstanding.

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I'm looking forward to trying movies soon, but that's not my major purpose for this camera. Colors are more vibrant and more accurate, similar to the older 5D . Professional features on this camera are also significant.The 45 point auto-focus and 7fps rate really make a difference in the IQ of my shots.The 80D is slightly heavier than the T6s which has actually helped when shooting handheld.First purchased the Canon Rebel T6s and thoroughly enjoyed the camera, but when the 80D was released I just had to have it.I primarily shoot wildlife, landscapes and planes/boats.

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