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Apart from that, most of my judgments against either phone's camera is nitpicking at this point.See how the Pixel 2 XL's camera compares to the i Phone 8 Plus: They only really differ in the overall color "temperature," where the i Phone tends to make photos appear warmer than they actually are by adding yellow-ish tint to most of the building facades. Overall, the i Phone's photo looks generally better, as colors on the Pixel photo appear more monotone compared to the i Phone's photo. But once you compare it with the Pixel's photo, it's clear that the i Phone tends to make photos far warmer than they should be.And the i Phone simply adds too much yellow tint to its photos compared to the Pixel for my taste.Portrait Modes on either phone are a mixed bag, as the Pixel did better in one example and the i Phone did better in another.Skin tones on people's faces also look orange on the i Phone's photo rather than their more accurate skin tones in the Pixel photo.Google's philosophy is to let a scene and its colors speak for itself rather than adjusting the color temperature.It's a clear sign that Apple's philosophy is to make photos warmer than the original scene, and this is where I'd consider the i Phone camera is flawed.

With that said, the Pixel's photo is more appealing.

It's pretty amazing that a tiny smartphone camera lens can produce photos almost as good as bigger and heavier dedicated cameras.

I've just tested the cameras on two of the top smartphones you can buy right now — Apple's i Phone 8 Plus and Google's Pixel 2 XL — and they both take great photos.

Also, notice how my sweater is more in focus in the Pixel photo, whereas it's blurry on the i Phone photo.

Keeping clothing in focus makes for a better-looking portrait shot, and the Pixel wins the portrait wars.

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