Calabar woman in nigeria sex

“I married early and have two children aged nine and four.

The need to give them better future compelled my husband and I to seek family planning services.

The couple had spaced their four children – three boys and one girl – with two-year intervals before the fifth pregnancy for which there was no preparation.

Chika who was once a novice about modern contraceptive methods said she and her husband maintained a healthy sex life, but the only contraception method they understood was the withdrawal method which eventually failed them.

The couple admitted the fifth child was unexpected.

“I usually tell my clients that if there is no good night, there can be no good morning. Assuming I were a man refused sex by my wife at night, in the morning if she greets me, I may decide not to answer her.

So I urge my clients to make their husbands happy at night so that their husbands can be happy with them in the morning.

But in a situation where such desire is not well managed, trouble often lies in store.

confirmed that their sex lives have taken a turn for the better since they embraced family planning.

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