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"It was never my intention (nor has it ever been) to sexualise a minor in any way shape or form," she wrote.

"To those I offended or misled, I apologise for a post made in haste and lacking in sensitivity, particularly considering the landscape of the present culture." Asked about the comment by actors around the overwhelming level of attention they receive from the media and online.

The latter include the principle of orality with its general insistence upon direct evidence and the use of cross-examination as a device for testing the credibility of witnesses.

Lotz began her acting career in 2006 with a small role in the cheerleading film Bring It On: All or Nothing.

She followed that up in 2010 with a part in the third episode of Law & Order: LA and a recurring role in the fourth season of the AMC drama Mad Men as Stephanie, Anna Draper's niece.

Their début album, Hold On, was also released in 2007 and their third single, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", was released in 2008.

Lotz did her acting training at Sanford Meisner for two years.

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