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He’s had bit parts in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” “Eden,” “Saint Laurent” and “Force Majeure.” All of those films clearly inspired his directorial debut, “The Childhood of a Leader” — an art film set in Europe in 1919 that follows an unspecified future fascist as a long-haired boy, raising minor but telling “tantrums” against his mother (Berenice Bejo) and his government-official father (Liam Cunningham).

So, in a members’ club in London, over morning coffee, I ask the actor, why — why do something this peculiar?

But they were asking me things like, “How will you work with this kid? It’s basically 60 percent great planning and 40 percent catastrophes that you’re dealing with all the time.

Then it’s hard because the screenplay has slabs of traditional narrative cut out of it.

You’re constantly seeing people that are good but fragile turning into the worst versions of themselves.

I wanted to go back to the European films you had brief parts in. It was like I got lost in some kind of backlot or something.

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