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Twice a year, FIUTS hosts groups of high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina who are participating in a Youth Leadership Program.

Upon returning to Bosnia, these students use the skills they learned in Seattle to develop and lead community service projects.

Public transportation wouldn’t seem like an obvious cultural difference to the naked eye.

There are buses, trams, and trolleys, just like many American cities, however, within this transportation system lies the true cultural differences.

Students participating in the presentation I was really excited before the presentation.Coffee in Bosnia is nearly sacred and coffee time is never skipped.It’s a wonderful part of Bosnian life that makes you truly come to appreciate the country and culture, as well as just sit down and enjoy the company around you.In America, it’s all about personal space; don’t touch anyone else, keep your belongings with you at all times, and just mind your own business.In some ways, Bosnia is quite similar in that sense.

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