Body language dating relationships the latest dating site for 2016

If a guy shows an interest in you but he’s not really your friend, you can only rely on your instincts to judge his intentions and find out if he truly likes you.But if you learn to keep your eyes peeled when he’s around, all you need to do is watch his body language to find out if he’s got more than just friends on his mind.

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If he does something eye catching, he’ll look for a sign to know that you noticed him in his moment of glory. When a guy likes you, he’d want to be in close proximity to you even if he doesn’t exchange a word with you. Does he walk closely past you even if there’s a lot of space around?

Decoding a guy’s mind by watching his body language Reading a guy’s body language can reveal whether he really likes you, or if he’s just bored and having a bit of fun to pass the time.

[Read: 30 circumstances when a guy may never ever like you] The next time you bump into him, sit near him or walk past him, pay close attention to his behavior.

If he’s a friend or someone you speak with, all you need to watch out for is the way he behaves around you.

[Read: How to tell if a guy who’s a friend is into you] On the other hand, if you’re crushing on a shy guy and want to know if he’s interested in you, you just need to give him the right opportunities to express his mind.

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