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His appearance was modified to look more closely to a real life chipmunk. In the 2007 Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin is only seen wearing his cap twice; the first time on a magazine cover and the second at the end of the movie. and The Chipmunks, Alvin wears a red and blue-hooded sweater with his signature yellow "A" on it, which also has a hole in the left sleeve (right in the promotional images), blue jeans, and red/orange/white converse shoes.

Alvin regains his signature red baseball cap as a common accessory, but it now has green under the visor and orange on the top-visor. His pajamas consist of a t-shirt with a winged guitar illustration.

Nevertheless, he has difficulty at showing affection toward Dave such as in the first film, Alvin and the Chipmunks, where he struggles at telling Dave that he loves him as a father, but less so with his brothers such as the time Alvin tried to kiss Simon to cheer him up in the second film.

Alvin contains much of his traditional personality: charming, impulsive, and self-centered.

Alvin greatly relishes his role as band front man and his antics and ego regularly get him and his brothers (sometimes even Dave) into trouble.

Alvin, the shortest of the Chipmunk brothers, is always scheming, whether it be because he wants to get out of chores (Overworked Alvin) or is just trying to find a place to relax (Alvin's Cruise).

He loves his harmonica and will play it any time he can, even if it ends up messing up the song ("Alvin's Harmonica").Although Alvin is very much self-centered, he does care about his brothers.In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman, Alvin helped Theodore temporarily get a bully off his case, causing the principal to remark, "I'll say this for Alvin: he sticks up for his little brother." Alvin is an emotional roller coaster: his enthusiasm endless and despair bottomless.However, Simon seems to refer to his often illogical or crazy plans as challenging the ordinary.Alvin has always possessed an impulsive behavior which has, at times, irritated or angered others around him, most obviously Dave.

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