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After becoming increasingly dilapidated, the whole area, including the nearby 19th Street Ramp up which Kowalski drives, has been totally redeveloped.You’ll have no more luck with Dan’s Corner Tavern, the ramshackle biker bar where Kowalski stocks up on speed for the drive to ‘Frisco’.But Roaring Twenties Manhattan – though actually played by Watford and, in parts, Liverpool – looks stunning in the film; dripping with decadence and old-school glamour.

On 23 June, the day Britain voted to leave the European Union, JK Rowling tweeted: “I don't think I've ever wanted magic more.” It’s a feeling many can relate to given the turbulent events of 2016 so far.Continuing north to , by the way, is the oldest Catholic church in Nevada.Heading off into the featureless desert, Kowalski comes across the old-timer collecting rattlers (Dean Jagger), who begs a lift to the revival meeting of the grumpy J Hovah.’s cinematography, the dusty locations in the Nevada and Utah deserts, and of course the physical action as Kowalski (Barry Newman) races to deliver a motor from Colorado to California.But although Richard C Sarafian’s cult road movie has earned itself a reference in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, and inspired an album by , it always felt like the studio suits sat down to assemble a post-Easy Rider cliché package – doomed ex-cop, ex-racing driver, ex-surfer Kowalski races across the US, establishing a psychic link with blind DJ Super Soul (Cleavon Little), while flashbacks crop up with the regularity of ad breaks. Unlike Easy Rider, you can’t follow an easy linear route, particularly during the second half of the film.

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