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I was little different than poor Dave who was clueless that his prim and proper wife was now a black cock whore.

A wedding ring doesn’t plug holes my friends but my wife’s respect for me and our marriage had kept her from straying … I was proud of my wife that she felt secure enough to come and tell me this.

It all started when my 28 year old wife Sarah told me that her best friend Jill (who is married) was seeing a black guy on the side.

It had started out as just a casual thing where Jill was just sneaking around but now had progressed a month later to the point where Jill was contemplating splitting up with her husband Dave and was moving in with Marc her new black lover. Jill and my wife were best friends and the thought of Jill fucking a black guy was just shocking.

My wife continued on with the story and this is where my curiosity for details with Jill and Marc’s affair turned to suspicion.She could have kept the whole thing from me if she wanted too, I would have never known.Finally I just came right out and asked her if she wanted to fuck a black guy too. My wife and I had watched porn with black guys and she always got excited about how big these guys were. The ad went into detail that the guy was looking for couples that were into servicing BBC.Over the course of the next month Jill saw Marc every chance she could.They’d meet at his place, in cheap motels and in the parking garage at Jill’s work.

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