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I felt like he had infinite patience, which always led me to realize how ridiculous I was being.” She found that oldest and only children were constantly dismissive of her pleas for attention, which only angered her more and made for combative relationships.

Another coworker has found happiness with an only child.

Delia*, a social worker (and youngest child) in her early twenties, had a difficult coupling with an only child.

“He was really emotionally needy and self-absorbed in the relationship,” she shared.

On the other hand, I think he’s learned to ask for more help.” She feels that they balance each other out this way.

Overcoming the Jan Brady Syndrome: The Middle Child Middle children are classic people pleasers.

“I notice that I would strive to avoid conflict or to negotiate it rationally, whereas [my boyfriend], an only child …

They’re used to keeping the peace among their siblings and try to maintain that in all aspects of their lives.

They are calm, rational, and avoid making waves or creating problems as much as possible.

They are creative, energetic, thrive on attention, and are daring in their pursuits.

They can also be rebellious or competitive as a result of being compared to their older siblings for most of their lives.

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