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Please see below a high-level overview of the system: No impact on DNS reverse operations, but zone updates broken for delegations in parent zones:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, b. total of 425 delegations, 185/8 is in de-bogonising: no operational impact) missing:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, b. containing a total of 425 delegations) Authoritative servers reloading.

However, a race condition in the provisioning system causes the zone serial numbers for two zones to be incorrectly updated. 6% of the reverse delegations are affected during this period Restored zone files start propagating for all but the below mentioned parent zones (state of 13/6/2012 UTC).

Therefore two large zones (212.and are propagating in an incomplete form. Due to negative caching, impact on restored zones may have been prolonged.

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r DNS is not typically used in a way that makes it critical for browsing the web; r DNS is used frequently in the process of delivering electronic mail. Therefore, the RIRs have a major role in providing the r DNS service.

The RIPE NCC publishes r DNS information from two sources.

The majority of the r DNS data comes from the IP address registry stored in the RIPE Database; this covers all address space allocated via the RIPE NCC since around the mid 1990s.

The address space users can update this information in the RIPE Database and the r DNS provisioning system then translates it into r DNS zone files.

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