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Apparently this girl never met this man before talking to him online.

He had lured her into meeting him then he drugged her and taped himself sexually assaulting her.

Rooms with moderators or operators provide some defense against unwanted or unsolicited messages from other users. Finally I will discuss how an Internet filtering and monitoring program such 'Cyber Sieve' can help you to significantly reduce the dangers of chat sites to your children.

3) Make sure your kids do not give out any personal information.

In this article I would like to expand further and give more detailed advice on this subject.This was just a small portion of the news stories from 2004.The only other thing most of these stories have in common is the fact that, by definition of them being in the news; the predators were caught.There have been many cases in recent history of children and adolescents getting into trouble after chatting with what turned out to be less than desirable people.The victims of these people come from all backgrounds, creeds and colors, and often the results are disastrous.

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