Benedict cumberbatch and lydia hearst dating

The 53-year-old, who has the same mother – actress Wanda Ventham – as the half-brother she calls Ben revealed: ‘You would have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him.

I think that is why possibly he has trouble with girlfriends.’ ‘He’s incredibly well read.

Cumberbatch was in a relationship with actress Olivia Poulet, whom he met at Manchester University, for a decade, but the couple split up almost a year ago.

Last month, his half-sister Tracy Peacock said that he struggled to find a girlfriend because he was too clever.

She has worked with some of the world's greatest names, including Mario Testino, Mark Abrams and Terry Richardson.

Miss Hearst was photographed in combat gear and clutching a rifle when she became "brainwashed" into helping the left-wing urban guerrilla group.

The 35 year-old, who has won hordes of fans in the hit series based on the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has been seen at numerous Hollywood parties with the 27-year-old model over the past month.

The pair were seated together at the 20th annual Elton John Aids Foundation Oscars Academy Awards viewing party on Sunday night, it was reported.

Following her release from prison, Patty married her bodyguard, Bernard Shaw.In comparison to some he is quite an intellectual.’ But she added that unlike his loner alter-ego in the detective series, Cumberbatch is keen to get married and start a family.He had a brief romance with fashion designer Anna Jones last year and his sister said: ‘One of his regrets is that he hasn’t found someone to settle down with.Hearst went on to take part in a bank robbery with other SLA members and was arrested.She was sentenced to seven years in jail in 1976, despite her defence that she had been brainwashed by her captors.

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