Beer dating codes theme to the dating game

Anchor Brewing Company is a growing American craft brewery and we do occasionally recruit for positions throughout our organization.Cover letters with resumes may be sent to [email protected] consideration, but unfortunately we can only respond to those that match current employment opportunities.CRIRS REI has announced Mi Beer Age 1.1 for i Phone and i Pod touch, an update to their app which calculates the age, in days, of any bottle or can of beer.Ideally, beer should be consumed within the first 30 days of bottling.Discovered by collector Bob Porter, this dating code has been exceptionally useful in deciphering the history of certain beer can labels and brands. Civilian beer cans did not return until early 1947, so from mid-1942 until late-1946 you should only find these symbols on cans meant for military use. The following chart shows the canning code symbols with the year each was used.

The final tiny symbol after the "A" indicates the calendar year in which the printed sheet of beer cans was made. Breweries might buy a large lot of cans then fill them later.

Our American craft beers are currently available in all fifty of the United States, the District of Columbia, and a number of foreign countries.

We require all of our distributors, national and international, to refrigerate our products during transport from the brewery to the warehouse.

To find Anchor beers outside the US, please consult our Distributors section for more information.

The date code currently being used by Anchor Brewing Company (post-October 1991) replaces the clock-face that used to show the bottling month as one of 12 small notches around the main label.

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