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My other hand unzipped my shorts and my dick just plopped out. I did not leave a breast and continued to stimulate her nipple. “Please Shormila at least remove the top part of your saree! Well I don’t see them very clearly.” I leaned forward to get closer to the prized possessions. I encircled her waist and dragged her closer to me. I want you, your musky smell, your touch, I want you to use me like a toy you have wanted for a long time.” She had opened her eyes now and was looking at me directly. Shormila wants to be fucked take me now Sid take this Bengali wife of your neighbor now. Make me a slut today like that lady in the magazine. Like the women in the magazine” She again stared at the woman masturbating on the bed. I want to see you dance in the bare minimum” I pleaded with her She shook her head still dancing. Engorge me with your wonderful cock that I feel pressing against my pussy. Her bare stomach showed off that coveted belly button and sloped gently into luscious hips and a generous behind. “Uh I was looking for ……uh some cotton.” She stammered an explanation. She had still not covered her chest with the pallu and I took my time to stare down at her cleavage before she noticed my gaze.

Hard as it was for me I said I would see if that would work with my schedule that I had planned for him. The saree was still there but it was much lighter and softer. The part covering her breasts was smaller and mentally I salivated undressing her in seconds. She had to know it was okay to read and maybe do all this. I picked up the magazine and made sure I took my time to look at the image in front of her turning the photo towards her.

I grabbed her shoulders and threw her across the bed. Her brassiere was the final frontier between my hands and her breasts. I was pumping her from behind and she just collapsed on the bed breathing hard feeling my cock push on her ass. You don’t have any right to it but it wants you anyway” She again whimpered helplessly.

She tried to squirm out of my overpowering presence. I suddenly turned her around so that she was facing the wall. I held her down by pushing her shoulders down on the bed. I was now slowly fucking her without actually doing it.

The building was fairly new and I was one of the few occupants of the third floor. okay we have nothing better to do I guess until Aarnav wakes us” She said. She started moving her luscious female form for me.

In the past few days I had noticed a young couple up on the third floor that had just moved in. “Well if you say no then we can call it a day.” I looked at her questioningly. In tandem with the music her upper body swayed like ripe watermelons in front of my eye.

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