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I know it is her saying she finds it dull and irritating, but it says a lot about her personality imo. I hate the feminism can see divisive and divided among itself, but the notion of "good" and "bad" strikes me really wrong. It's gross anyway you look at it to work with TR, it's just so hypocritical and ridiculous of her to talk about how R Kelly is the worst and "omg how could anyone work with someone accused of rape" when she does the exact. and it seems like she does nothing but work with him.

Like who does she consider to be "good" and who does she consider to be "bad." But I think I know the answer to that. and im sure they're not the only celebs to have said something like that and work with him R kelly's got like ~2-decades long list of shit.

touted him as “the former junkie punk who put the filth into fashion.” The son of a fashion photographer, his first “success” was an image he shot for British designer Katharine Hamnett. He persuaded Lindsay Lohan to pose with a gun to her head.

Sources say the couple has been “discreetly telling friends” the news.And why people still work with R Kelly, Chris Brown, Eminem, Alec Baldwin, and do shoots with I use to love the shit out of MGG but since he became bff with TR Ive been waiting for the day when shit comes down with lawsuits and pictures and hell to pay and him either to claim not to have known in which case fuck your willful blindness or him to have been involved and I can finally let it go.Like I try not to judge people by their friends but fuck no Terry Richardson.Richardson met Bolotow nearly a decade ago while she was a student at NYU and interned with him.She became his assistant and later his model, appearing in several photos in his 2005 book, The news is still unconfirmed by Richardson’s team. We weren’t planning to make this news quite so public quite so soon, because we are very cautious after going through some very difficult and heartbreaking losses, and always afraid of jinxing it, but since the cat is out of the bag …

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