Assessment canadian coorindating health office technology

NUMB EE OF STUDENTS SERVED IN NORTH DAKOTA VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS, 19 7 19 7 2 1971 19 72 Change D'is advan taged Handi aapp ed Seoondai'y Post Seaondai'*y 16, 470 4, 117 Sy 612 5, 377 774 20, 06 'A 4, '60 7 8, 2G3 1,218 42, 744 8,010 884 ^2,637; •f- llo ^3, fj9 2 i- 190 ^2,6 CL Adult Cooperative 983 3SS TOTAL -^9,411 EKLC - 6 - Uiic i^Oc3 1 (^f tile 19/2 SLci Le was ; i / t pe:.-con L of the st^idt'iit of secondary nchoo L a^e with vocal 1. • Are valid data available for planning purpr-es (ie,, manpower needs, job opportunities^ and employer needs)?

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The present Stale Board is already involved and knowledgeable concerning the planning and admin- istration of postsecondary programs in North Dakota, b.Title X, Part B, refers specifically to occupational education and provides for an administrative and fiscal agency to be created, or designation of an existing State agency under the of the State.Title X, Part 1, provides that a Planning Conmission be established, or an existing State agency, aieeting the qualifications to be designated by such agency.not have the opportuniiv tnroj 1 in .::o:::prehons iv.,-;s of vcpcatlonal education.These 3^ud^r:-,s h.iv^ the rxg/it to quality vocational -education in wi:ir/:i t:n^ciy discover and develu c-ccupat ional compe tenc it_s . Lducation -^merrdrnents 72 The Education Amendments of 1971: (PL 92-318) is an oru-ibus Education Act consisting of legislation extending certain existing lavs involv- ing Vocational Education, Elaraentary and Secondary Education, Higher Education and general provisions, PI 92-318 includes at least t vo sections that are of special concern to the Council.

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