Are jax and stassi still dating

Based on Jax's past behavior, this rumor may have some truth to it but only partially.Now, obviously only Faith truly knows the answer to the question of whether she is or was ever pregnant, but it is still possible to speculate based on what she has made public on social media.I’m running late today (as if that is not an affliction of everyday). Or Jax Taylor – I truly vacillate between which one of the two is more whorerendous. Why Kristen’s makeup is suddenly making her look like a 48-year-old cougar? That’s Jax in eight bullet-points, which I am sure everyone wished were actual bullets. We here at Reality Tea do not condone murder, attempted murder, or thoughts of either, but we do condone psychiatric evaluation of Kristen – and smacking that annoying disturbing smirk off of Kristen’s face.See what I did there – it’s subtlety – which is something Vanderpump Rules is not known for. Perhaps it was sitting in the youthful glow of James Kennedy. You are the crazy one stop trying to make everyone else think they’re the crazy-ones! Or is being delusionally-in-denial (and completely lacking self-respect) a necessary component for dating Kristen?

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(The encounter we saw was filmed months ago, probably.) Taking a look into her Instagram and Twitter account provides absolutely no evidence that Faith is going to have a baby.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Jax has been embroiled in a pregnancy rumor.

When he was dating Stassi, a vicious rumor floated around about Jax possibly getting a girl in Vegas pregnant while still dating Stassi.

Sure, it was surprising to see that Scheana and Katie had ended their friendship sometime between now and Scheana being one of Katie's bridesmaids last season.

But, the big bombshell really dropped when a rumor started to spread at Scheana's birthday party that Jax had not only cheated on Brittany with former SUR server Faith Stowers, but also that Faith's period was late.

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