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'We are prepared at National Action Network to rally in front of the NBA headquarters if this matter is not immediately dealt with.'Rapper Meek Mill is angry after hearing the audio and blasts Donald Sterling saying the Los Angeles Clippers owner is the 'definition of racism'. Refuse to play till NBA moves against this racist jackass #Sterling. NBA can't defend him.'Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for the Clippers to employ some kind of 'symbolic expression' to protest the statements made by team owner Donald Sterling. And I can't imagine how much they've been pulled on and talked to and what you should do and what you shouldn't do and what you should say.'Some talked about the hurt Sterling's alleged words caused. 400 Lebih Foto Bugil Chika Menginap Di Hotel Beredar.Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan sosok wajah cantik, putih dan imut ini.. Menurut rumor yang beredar, nama asli si CHIKA itu adalah Enhai atau biasa di panggil Nhi. Padahal mereka sudah cukup lama kenal dan sempat menjalin hubungan (TTM).He feels terrible that such sentiments are being attributed to him, and apologizes to anyone who might have been hurt by them. It wasn’t to win a world championship for someone.' Uncomfortable questions: I didn¿t like the comments. Even he, though, acknowledged that has not been easy since TMZ released the alleged recording of Sterling on Saturday.'Our message is to play,' Rivers said. 'We're human beings, first and foremost, and when you hear something like that, it's very unfortunate that whoever that is talking feels that way, and I don't think there's any place in this game or in the world, for that matter, for thoughts like that.'Miami Heat star Le Bron James said Silver needed to take action, going so far as to suggest 'there is no room for Donald Sterling in our league.' Lakers star Kobe Bryant wrote on his Twitter page that he couldn't play for Sterling. If my girl can't do what I want, I don't want the girl. ‘If our owner would come out and say the things he said I would have to sit down with my teammates and talk to my family because at the end of the day, our family and teammates are way more important than that. 'Our message is that we're going to let no one and nothing stop us from what we want to do. Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who played for the Clippers from 1992-94, said he could forgive Sterling but couldn't play for him right now, either. ‘I can only imagine if a player came out and said something of that stature what would happen to us as players,’ James said. The protest will be in our play.’‘A lot of guys voiced their opinions. ‘This was a situation where we're trying to go after something very important for us, something that we've all dreamed about all our childhoods. You're supposed to be a delicate white or a delicate Latina girl.

The little I ask you is not to promote it on that... Huntsville, AL, aka “Rocket City,” is booming, with jobs in aeronautics and other tech industries up 309%. The good news for employees: they can get a great deal on a home in these reasonably priced markets. We've got the answer for you in these up and coming tech towns. 'I didn't remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson, but I thought Matt Kemp is mixed and he was Ok, just like me. I don't want to change the culture because I can't. I suppose them and give them food, and clothes, an card, and houses Who gives it to them? But it's not my problem.’Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who played for the Clippers from 1992-94, said of Sterling's comments: ‘My feeling would be the same, no matter if I was coaching, playing or a fan. He's lighter and whiter than me.' 'It isn't a question - we don't evaluate what's right and wrong, we live in a society. There's no place for it.’'You can sleep with (black people).

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