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Designed and developed by a team of two from Vancouver, Canada, Splitter Critters is a charming level-based arcade puzzle-game for i Phone and i Pad with a mind-bending game mechanic that’s playable by all ages.

Designed and developed by a team of five in Vienna, Austria, it uses a clever landscape-shifting game mechanic to solve puzzles and reveal an emotional narrative told entirely through imagery and sound.Players move an ever-expanding life form through a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape by strategically molding, splitting, and reshaping it into any shape needed to explore the strange and challenging environment.Multi-gesture support and 3D Touch optimizations add a whole new dimension to the game, making it a truly physical experience.Available in 11 languages and packed with beautiful themes, extensive typography customization tools, and powerful capabilities, Bear is flexible and capable enough to handle a mix of short notes, articles, essays, long blog posts, code snippets, and more.An advanced Markup Editor supporting over 20 programming languages, with smart data recognition and numerous export options, reinforces Bear’s powerful capabilities.

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