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Among those who weren’t having sex, nearly 50% cited as the reason physical limitations such as prostate-related illnesses that can cause impotence, and 41% reported a lack of interest.Other reasons for a slow down in the bedroom: low testosterone levels, side effects from blood pressure medication or antidepressants, and spouses’ lack of interest or physical limitations.Of the men surveyed, nearly one-third reported having intercourse at least once in the previous year, including 11% of men over 90.Among these sexually active men, 43% reported not getting as much sex as they would like.Sitric's son Gofraid later reigned as King of Dublin, his son Aralt as King of Limerick, and his son Amlaíb Cuarán as king of both Dublin and Northumbria.

In 917, he and his kinsman Ragnall ua Ímair sailed separate fleets to Ireland where they won several battles against local kings.

Sitric successfully recaptured Dublin and established himself as king, while Ragnall returned to England to become King of Northumbria.

In 919, Sitric won a victory at the Battle of Islandbridge over a coalition of local Irish kings who aimed to expel the Uí Ímair from Ireland.

That is the principle that has enabled the internet to become an unprecedented platform for innovation and human expression.

And that is the lesson I learned heading a tech startup at the dawn of the internet age.

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