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A minimum spanning tree was also constructed using the MIRU-VNTRplus database to investigate phylogenetic relationships within the sample and identify clonal complexes.A clonal complex was defined as groups of isolates that are within dual-locus variants of each other.

In conclusion, this study demonstrates a high predominance of LAM strains circulating in the Luanda setting and the presence of recent transmission events.

It was only possible to collect partial demographical and clinical data for 60 (67.4%) of the 89 studied patients (see Supplementary Table 1).

The majority of the patients resided in the Kilamba-Kiaxi municipality (n = 34/58, 58.6%), where HDP is located, followed by a significant proportion of patients living in Viana (n = 19/58, 32.8%) (Supplementary Table 1).

The rate and the emergence dynamics of drug resistant TB found in this sample are significant and highlight the need of further studies specifically focused on MDR-TB transmission..

This is the case for Angola, which presently lacks any data concerning drug resistance rates and prevalence of specific Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotypes and respective population structure.

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