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This site’s About Us page features a list of cats and dogs on the Board of Directors, with impressive titles such as Demander in Chief and Director of Licks.When Rishi asks her if anything is wrong, she replies, “I’m fine,” in a tone that clearly indicates she is not happy.5) Vikas is very upset because he and Shaira are running late to pick up some friends for a concert.Once they are in the car he says, “You know, it would have been nice to show some respect to Sheila and Manu by being on time to pick them up.Cause Date is the dating site for people who care about action - having fun while making a positive impact on the planet.FEELING THE SPARKS FLY: Cause Date also organizes group meetups for like-minded people - such as harvesting orange groves for those in need in Carmarillo, California. WHO: Vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, fruitarians, and macrobiotics.

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