Alopecia dating website

An alopecia sufferer who was once dubbed 'Bald Spice' by cruel childhood bullies has revealed how she eventually learnt to embrace her condition.

Jessica Ward, 31, from Los Angeles, California has been living with alopecia areata, a condition in which hair is lost from some or all the body, since the age of 12.

Finding love can be a tricky business at the best of times but when you suffer from hair loss, dating can bring extra anxieties.

Australian, Michelle Law, who lost her hair to the autoimmune condition Alopecia Areata, explains what it’s like to date when you’re a bald woman and why she started to blog about her experiences.

I imagine if my baldness were exposed, both of us would be startled, before saying an awkward goodbye and then never speaking again When you aren’t up front about your baldness, dating involves a certain degree of deception, which isn’t a healthy place for a relationship to start.

I knew that people were taking me, literally, at face value, when my appearance was something I’d meticulously crafted over hours in the privacy of my own bathroom My appearance was a sham, but I kept it a secret because I feared flat-out rejection….

And it wasn't until the age of 23 that a biopsy confirmed she had alopecia areata 'I was devastated to know I would never have a thick head of hair but relieved to finally have an answer,' she said.

Michelle, has been completely bald for the majority of her dating career and has also been without her eyebrows and eyelashes – a sign of Alopecia Totalis – for the past three years.

Michelle reveals, “The questions include: Will it be windy?

Will it be cold enough to wear a hat for added security?

She is now in the process of publishing her own cookbook.

However, her real turning point came when she met Amy Gibson, the owner of wig website Created

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