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I would go out and order that great dinner before your taste declines-which mine did after about 6 wks.

Kris Aspasia, thank you for the good news that I might not lose my hair, I am going to my favorite hairdresser and do the roots then!

Kris, thank you for the advise, I will enjoy great dinners while I can!!

:) I had a hard time with nausea on 5FU/LU last time around, not in the beginning but after few months, I was on campazene and them z..

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“They're just meant to shift your energy about the situation and leave more room for positive feelings,” says Rosie Guagliardo, founder of Inner Brilliance Coaching in Chicago.Although I did not lose a lot of hair on CPT 11, the hair that did fall out was the older longer hair-the stuff that was still very red, so now I am a bit greyer:(. Yep Day 3 and 4 are most tiring for me and for at least a moderate numbers of others. I flew to Maryland to do relief work at my old place of work. However, I stopped and bought cottage cheese, cereal, milk, fruit bland stuff and some magazines because I was tired. Tues and Wed, I worked 12 hrs and wasn't very tired.I pondered if people with frizzy hair like me would get straighter hair, since people with straight hair get curly hair. I slept for 11 hrs, and other than going out for an hour hike with a friend, I vegged out in my hotel room to read, watch TV all day Sun. I relaxed Thanksgiving and Friday, then went to a busy large professional meeting Sat through Friday.The truth is that sometimes friendships have to end.The second can have a softer approach, with fewer negatives and more compassion.

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