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    Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the first openly gay man, argued in pamphlets starting in 1864 that " an Urning [his coinage for a gay male] is not a man, but is a type of hermaphrodite, a man-woman with the sexual orientation of a woman," a "third sex." Ulrichs used the Latin phrase anima muliebris virili corpore inclusa (the soul of a woman in the body of man) to sum up his theory: "Distinct from the feminine persuasion of our sexual drive, we Urnings have still another feminine trait in us which, so it seems to me, offers the most positive proof that nature developed the physical male germ in us, yet mentally, the feminine one." A century before Ulrichs, molly houses existed in 18th century England whose participants engaged in feminine behavior.

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    One of the most common and encountered by the majority of users when dealing with multimedia elements is Microsoft's Direct X.