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I am sure your daddy has had some thoughts about you. pinkpanties: I hadn't but now I wonder what it would be like.

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If he was not daddy than we could just enjoy chatting and playing with ourselves for the other person to see.

I felt his cock spasm within me as it sent streams of white cum into me. I don't want to stop making love to you, ever." He returned my kiss.

He had moved his mouse, and it uncovered a small square spot on the edge of his desk. Then I felt him slam his cock into me hard and just hold it.

My breast came free and bounced a little for his enjoyment. I squeezed his cock hard as I tried to hold it all inside me. Daddy then started to relax, but he left his cock buried inside me. "Baby, that was the most awesome sex I have ever had." I kissed him.

I reached up, pulled my t-shirt off, and undid my bra. You have perfect tits and your pussy looks so sweet and edible. His cum seemed to flow out more and more, and I loved thinking about every ounce of his incestuous cum being inside my little pussy. "I don't want it to end either." Then I remembered how I had cried out so loudly.

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