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It is also in large part the consequence of his theory of occasional causes (see OCCASIONALISM).

Our true knowledge of things, he says, is the knowledge we have of them in their ideas.

The introduction of large industries carried on by means of vast outlays of capital or credit had reduced operatives to the condition of virtual slavery ; but Brownson soon became satisfied that the remedy was not to be secured by arraying labour against capital by a political organization, but by inducing all classes to co-operate in the efforts to procure the improvement of the workingman's condition.

He found, too, that he could not advance a single step in this direction without religion. Channing's printed sermons, that Unitarians believed no more of Christianity than he did, he became associated with that denomination, and so remained for the next twelve years.

Our first intellectual perception is, therefore, an intuition of God, the first intelligible, as creating existences.

This intuition is finite and is obtained by means of expressions or words ( la parola ). 3, etc.) The Council of Vienna (1311-12) had already condemned the doctrine of the Begards who maintained that we can see God by our natural intelligence. The same congregation, in 1862, pronounced the same censure against fifteen propositions by Abbé Branchereau, subjected to its examination, two of which (xii and xiii) asserted the existence of an innate and direct perception of ideas, and the intuition of God by the human mind. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.

Branchereau in "Prælectiones Philosophicæ"; by Abbé F. The notion of the finite is the notion of being having a certain perfection in a limited degree. It is true that God alone is perfectly intelligible in Himself, since He alone has in Himself the reason of His existence ; finite beings are intelligible in the very measure in which they exist. Having an existence distinct from that of God, they have also an intelligibility distinct from Him. At the same time he established a journal in western New York in the interest of the Workingmen's Party, which they wished to use for securing the adoption of their system of education.But, besides this motive, Brownson's sympathy was always with the labouring class, and he entered with ardour on the work of elevating labour, making it respected and as well rewarded in its manual or servile, as in its mercantile or liberal, phases, and the end he aimed at was moral and social amelioration and equality, rather than political.

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