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There's a famous rule taught to med students: "If you hear hoofbeats outside the window, don't think 'zebra' when it's almost certainly a horse." (reverse the species if you live in Africa, I guess :-) ).The point is that observing a single possible symptom which might correlate with a disease has very little to do with proper diagnosis.If the eye is facing off to one side, or outside the main area painted by the flash, it may not appear red.Having one red eye could happen if, for example: have just the one red-eye (the same one each time).ZUJI will help you compare a wide range of hotels and a variety of accommodation, from modern hotels, cozy bed and breakfasts, self-contained apartments, and anything from opulent luxury resorts to affordable youth hostels.Whether you're booking Singapore hotels or an overseas stay in Bali, Bangkok, Auckland, or more, compare a range of rooms in some of the world's top holiday destinations. Diabetes Basics Type 1 Living With Type 1 Diabetes Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes For Parents & Kids Safe at School Treatment and Care Doctors, Nurses & More Type 1 Research Highlights New to Type 1 Diabetes?Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2015 based on the 79,535 death certificates in which diabetes was listed as the underlying cause of death.

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So the only information that you can deduct from only one red eye is: only one eye was directed towards the camera. However, you might as well spotted some eye problems, and a quick check with an eye doctor is not a bad idea. While red eye most typically happens when people are looking directly at you, it can also occur regularly when they are not.

It has never happened in my work before, but I don't know if this is a common occurrence.

If you take a lot of flash photos, with the flash pointed directly at the subjects, you'll notice that eyes only sometimes go red: it depends on the angle of the eye with respect to the flash & lens.

In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin.

The body breaks down the sugars and starches you eat into a simple sugar called glucose, which it uses for energy.

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