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Family members or others can ask the court to act to protect someone who appears to be lacking ability to do so for him or herself and is therefore "incompetent." If the court finds that the person is incompetent and a guardianship is necessary, the court will appoint a guardian.

Once appointed, a guardian is accountable to the probate court for providing proper care and management of the ward's affairs in the ward's best interest.

The proposed ward has the right to object to having a guardian appointed for him or her and has several other due process rights, including these: Back to top The probate judge is the superior guardian, and anyone can provide information to the court to help the judge determine if the guardian is doing his or her duties.

In this case, another individual may be appointed to act as the person's guardian.

Back to top There are several types of guardianship in Ohio: Back to top Some areas of the person's life may involve fundamental rights or a right of privacy.

There may be specific medical procedures, such as those that implicate reproductive rights, for example abortion or sterilization, that should be decided by the person whenever possible.

The investigator will also give the prospective ward information about his or her rights in the process.

Back to top The court will set the matter for hearing, often before a magistrate instead of the judge.

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