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All Hope can remember about the last time he began a conversation with his dad was how Bartholomew brushed him aside.

In Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, Hope says he runs from his problems, specifically things he can't change. His speech is normally reserved but he has outbursts when his emotions get the best of him.

Hope is close to his mother Nora, confiding in her and relying on her for protection, but has had a distant relationship with his father ever since he became a teenager.

In Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, it's said that Hope believes his father no longer keeps the promises he makes to him and his mother let alone listens to them, viewing work as more important than family.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, the adult Hope is the director of the research institute called the Academy, and he helps Lightning's sister, Serah, and Noel in their quest to save the future.

He chooses to journey with Lightning to become stronger and learn to survive as they fight to save the world.

Hope is a normal boy from a normal family whose childhood on Cocoon can best be described as uneventful.

Inexperienced in the ways of the world, and wont to turn to his mother for protection, he is completely unprepared for the turmoil into which his life is thrown when he is unexpectedly caught up in the Sanctum's brutal Purge.

When Hope was eight years old, he and his close friends Kai and Elida Karmic went on a school field trip to the Sunleth Waterscape with Sazh Katzroy as the pilot of their airship.

Hope's class took pictures with their toy cameras as they learned about the scenery and wildlife, and returned to a lake's shore for lunch.

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