Activities to help with a discussion on teen dating

Here's how to play: Whether you're a teacher focusing on social skills or a parent trying to help your child succeed, there are lots of fun activities that can help at any age.

Autism Educates suggests making sure you have your child's full attention before staring activities by removing distracting sights, sounds, and scents from the area then using touch to get his attention and incorporating movement into games and crafts.

Here's how to use this printable: Children with autism often think in absolutes, and this can be a social challenge when it comes to truth-telling.

Help your teen learn to be independent and focused at home with this simple modeling activity.

Here's what to do: Older teens are faced with more opportunities to embrace independence, but they may not be as prepared for this freedom as you think says the Child Mind Institute.

These printable conversation starter cards make a great in-class or at-home activity because they provide children with opening lines to start a conversation.

Kids can practice with teachers and parents to perfect their skills.

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