Accommodating my schedule

Without these visits, we will be even less able to function than if we didn’t have that therapy or medical supervision (and it can, in fact, be dangerous).

It is very important, then, that we have some time to seek appropriate care for our bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that affects people quite differently, and is ultimately a spectrum.

Moreover, how function is best maximized will be different from workplace to workplace and from position to position.

For instance, if everyone on a team needs to give a presentation, but the order of the presentations isn’t especially important, then it may be possible to trade days with someone else on the team.

Schedules can also be made more flexible if we have the ability to work earlier or later or work from home.

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For jobs where there are tasks that must be done at a fixed time, one possible way to handle the situation is to create the ability to trade off tasks with other people on the team or at the workplace.However, this provides quite an opportunity for accommodation.If scheduling can be done in such a way as to work around the less functional periods, people with bipolar disorder can have their functionality effectively maximized if not completely restored.It is in many ways easiest when we work on projects that are done over a period of time.We can move the heaviest parts of the work to points in time when we are most effective and get the most done.

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