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MENTOR, Ohio — The 22-year-old should at least raise an eyebrow. A lifelong Browns fan, he's fully aware of that iconic jersey—the one with names on top of names on top of more names of starting quarterbacks who've failed since Cleveland returned to the NFL in 1999. It doesn't matter where I'm at—the history behind it—I'm going to try to win every time I'm out on the field."There's an inner desire, something inside of me, that's always wanted to be great and leave a mark."To Trubisky, it's simple. 1 quarterback prospect in this draft has an indomitable desire to be the face of a franchise. To others, here sits the 2017 NFL draft's greatest mystery—because of one number.. He is an octagon-ready 6'2", 217 pounds with a 10-inch vein popping out of his forearm. He has blown pro teams away on the whiteboard and possesses a downright freaky memory.

But, yes, there is a 2003 James card right there in a framed photo next to Mom, Dad, Mitchell, Manning, Mason and Mariah.

It's especially fun in the winter, when lake-effect snow pummels Mentor. He calls himself "OCD" and says he'd vacuum his crib two or three times a week and snipe at fellow quarterback Manny Miles for being such a pig when he visited."You want to have the nicest spot! "You don't want to be a bunch of bums with food and couches not organized and all that."Tar Heels receiver Bug Howard calls him a "corny trash-talker," a "smart aleck," when he's around friends. From one doctor to two…to three…to four…to a …the Trubisky family finally discovered that Mitch suffered osteochondritis dissecans, a joint condition in which cartilage in his knee broke loose. No baseball."That put into perspective for me," Trubisky says, "how much I love sports, how bad I needed it and not to ever take it for granted.

Surgery fixed the issue, but Trubisky was unable to play sports his entire eighth-grade year. Not being able to play is the worst thing."He's never forgotten those 365 days without sports.

Who is this mystery of a quarterback who coaches and teammates insist is a tireless, family-oriented, uber-humble born leader?

Someone who says that reviving that other team in Cleveland would be "special." Someone who won't label himself the Browns' own Le Bron, instead assuring he's "just going to be me."Trubisky is the competitor yelling "No, no! " to 15 family members over Easter weekend, when Manning won the first two games of knockout at the basketball hoop. Manning took the fifth.)He's someone with eclectic music taste. Right now, Trubisky is into Billy Currington, Jon Pardi and Dustin Lynch. Friends call him "Mitch." His parents call him "Mitchell." He's honestly cool with both. The Trubiskys are known to break into rounds of Pictionary and "crazy" games of Monopoly that can last up to five hours. A ruthless power player, Trubisky beat Lindley four times in a row one day, and Lindley smashed a paddle over his knee in anger."He had a good laugh over that one," Lindley says.

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