12 simple rules for dating my daughter

17 A week had passed since Tony’s special night with Shannon and the change had been remarkable.

She had a real spring to her step, her face was constantly lit with a smile, and her whole attitude to life appeared to have undergone a significant and positive transition.

“She was such a free-spirit and always came up with ways to surprise me.

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“I really, really want to thank you because that was the most amazing night of my life. “If you’re worried that I’ll be upset, then please don’t be.” He assured her. “That’s not the reaction I expected, so can I ask why you feel that way?

After what happened with Dad I was convinced I couldn’t feel like that, but everything you said was true and I just needed to be with the right person. “The reason I’m relieved is that I was worried about whether you would want to be with me with again, so I guess you’d like to know why? “I think you know I genuinely care for you, but my relationship with you and Tiff is different from my relationship with Cyn and Kat.” Another nod.

But, now that I’m feeling ok, I think I’d like to wait until I meet someone, because now I know I can enjoy making love with them.” Tony was smiling broadly, and could see this was a long way from the reaction she expected. “The night we had was simply fantastic and I’ll never forget it either, but to be honest there are times when I have my hands full with your Mom and your s****r.

Say one day at a park and then have a free day, then another park and the next day off, that kind of schedule so we’re not rushing around like crazy. He was sure his plan of alternating day-trips and rest would come under some serious pressure.

After that we fly to the reef and spend the second week at the resort just chilling out, snorkeling, and getting fat on seafood. ” Everyone was smiling and Tiff looked at him with sparking eyes. Cyn and Tony left them to it and headed for the kitchen, and she reminded the twins they had another sl**p-over party that night so they needed to keep an eye on the time.

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