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Three members of an Asian sex gang who used mephedrone to turn abuse victims into addicts and forced them to have sex if they wanted more drugs were jailed for a total of 56 years today.Seventeen men and one woman from Newcastle are being sentenced over the next three days for crimes including rape, sexual assault, inciting girls into prostitution and drug dealing.Mohammed Azram, 35, was jailed for 12 years for picking up abuse victms from Newcastle's West End and rapist Jahangir Zaman, 45, who gave girls lines of M-Cat and demanded sex if they wanted more, was jailed fore 29 years One teenager didn't eat for a week because she was so hooked on mephedrone, also known as M-Cat, but her abusers would only give her more after she performed sex acts on them.Mohammed Azram, 35, picked up vulnerable girls from a courtyard in Newcastle's West End and gave them drugs he referred to as 'god' because of the power it had over victims.His barrister said he hoped to live with his sister, a bank worker, in Dubai when he is released, as the state is drug-free.

He was convicted of rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution.

He admitted a string of drugs offences and was convicted of one count of sexual assault and one count of inciting prostitution.

Rapist Jahangir Zaman, 45, gave girls lines of M-Cat and demanded oral sex if they wanted more, Mr Elvidge said.

The inquiry involved the controversial use of a police informant who was himself a child rapist and was paid almost £10,000 by Northumbria Police.

The abuse centred around the use of drugs.'The girls were expected to offer sexual services in return,' Mr Elvidge said.'The court heard that the women who were being exploited sometimes consented, sometimes did not consent and sometimes were incapable of consenting.' The men were more driven by the vulnerability and availability of their victims, Mr Elvidge said.

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